4 Week Course of Iyengar Yoga

 Learn the distinction between the personality and the witnessing mind (Self) to achieve clear understanding of the body function and action.  Suitable for beginner and experienced yoga students. An introduction to an on going set of classes to establish practice and transformation using Yoga, Breath work and Mindfulness.

 July 3 to 24 (Thursdays),   5.30 – 7.30 pm,  2014

 A first set of classes offered by Paul Barton will allow you to create a practice which will release the minds constant noise and body’s pains so you can concentrate and invest in what you choose to do with more ease and competency (full attention). You will gain a greater sense of balance and physical control, feeling more grounded and physically alive. Learning to take more control of our mental states (consciousness) and health and well-being is very invigorating and empowering; it does not have to take a lot of time for busy folks but it requires we learn the experience of it.  Creating an attentive and disciplined approach in yoga with regular practice will move us towards greater wellness.

 A main focus will be defining and strengthening the observer (witnessing consciousness) which gives us a realistic and rational picture of our inner workings and self (persona, ego, attributes and choosing faculty). Many traditions assert that until you have created a relatively stable and functioning observer (Self remembering) you have not yet begun the process of self transformation or self mastery. Iyengar yoga can help develop the observer, then the art is bringing this into our daily lives and activities so we do not fall in to identification states as regularly as before we commenced yoga. The postures (asana), pranayama (breathing work), and meditation will provide a mode for a profound shift in your experience of life and the inner world.

 Location: Dance studio Forest View High School Tokoroa

 Price Course $ 70, In respect for the group progress and learning casual attendance is not encouraged. However as the teacher and the Iyengar method are not well known in the Tokoroa area attendance to a few classes on the casual rate is fine and if preferred this can then lead over to the course fee being made up of a toping up what has already been paid in casual rate classes. Casual rate $20 per session. Any questions and concern can be address at the first class which will provide an introduction and overview. Questions most welcome. If the time is not suitable it can be changed to a little later. 

The course will be taken by Paul Barton who has 35 years of training and practice in Iyengar Yoga and meditation. Paul is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and assessor of teachers and is experienced in teaching deeper aspects of mindfulness and pranayama. The course will equip you with tools to integrate your body, mind and will into a grounded state full of awareness of the present and your own mind tendencies. Poses will be taught with precise action and alignment for body care, mental focus and strength.

Booking for the Course: questions or personal needs for consideration call or email  Phone: 0274393910, Email: