New programmes of “Body Improvement” come and go in the market place. Participants progress within the mental models of the conditioned mind regarding fitness, body shape or strength. There is enjoyment and health improvment. However, we all experience how the universe of possibility and experience shrink through attachment in a conditioned mind. Our ego and conditioning are needed to function in life – to earn a living and protect our possessions and children.


However, if the ego shell is thick and prison like the conscious awareness can become very thick and limiting. The doorway out of this prison is via understanding and training awareness and perception. We benefit from learning to relate to our minds rather than from it – that is tricky thinking about it.

1Rather than a body “programme”,┬áthe Yoga Studio offers authentic yoga practice systemised to harness concentration and mental adsorption in body work so as to explore the nature and tendencies of the mind and its base energy consciousness.

This understanding allows us to see how attachments in our conditioned minds and ego create excess suffering and internal conflict resulting in excess body tensions, unbalanced movements and destructive posture. We learn to view limiting and destructive mental tendencies.

3Yoga Studio director Paul Barton regularly attends ongoing training and teacher assessment in New Zealand in India. Paul is highly qualified in Iyengar Yoga with 40 years experience.

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers are examined under an international body to maintain standards of safety and practice. Be careful when receiving instruction from a non-qualified person asserting they teach Iyengar Yoga or even yoga it can get confusion.