About The Teachers


Around the Mid seventies Paul started awakening to the relative limitations of experience as a stiff information overloaded white New Zealand bloke. He found by increasing flexibility and practicing sustained mental concentration he had more energy and a more direct experience of what was happening in any moment. He became more clear and his health improved. THEN suddenly it became clear we are constantly living out states of consciousness (we create consciously or not)  and our created structures in consciousness. Oh my GOD we need a good map and direction in this predicament, thank Goodness for the Lankravada Sutra and all the rest.

Modern psychology would term this movement away from a dependent materialist emphasis as the root source of meaning to more and more an integrated mind heart experience. A movement towards a sense of Pure Dynamic Quality or is-ness  as being the primary source of experience, living in the state Dhyana or Dharma.

Paul spend 20 years as a science researcher and commenced yoga and meditation practice during this time. After Paul spent 3 years serving as a forestry adviser to the government of Vietnam, then the second poorest country in the world, and seeing the heart state there amid the poverty he destined to live more in the heart state rather than becoming over dependent on a material view and focus  while still being fully involved in all the good the Western world has achieved.


Having spent a passionate 40 years practicing and studying Iyengar Yoga with teachers in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune India, Paul strives to create a concentration of attention for students so a deeper meaning and sense of vibrant life can be touched. Using poses and sequencing with deep relaxation the sense of the present moment can be transform into deep meaning.

Yoga practice allows an increase range of physical, emotional and mental movement; we become fully our self with our conditioning and not just our conditioning. IF YOU ARE NOT DOING Pranayama every day you are likely in the wrong universe – we create and have the power to create our own universe. It is inside us.


Lynda discovered yoga in 2005 after hardship in her work place.  Yoga has enabled Lynda to find balance and integration, mentally, physically and emotionally bringing serenity in her life.

She has been studying yoga with Paul – she commenced  Paul’s teacher training program in 2008 and is currently running classes at the Yoga Studio.  Lynda passed Iyengar Yoga Junior Intermediate Level I Certification in teaching and practice in 2014 and is working for the next level in certification.  Yoga and the body of wisdom knowledge contained in the various traditions of the world have inspired and awakened Lynda in the personal responsibility in creating her own experiences and life and the power of these methods to initiated various healing.